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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 18, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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good luck to him. i hope it goes well. that wraps it up for this show. "your $$$$$" with ali and christine will be back next week saturday at 1:00 p.m. eastern and sunday at 3:00. log on to do it. have a great weekend. an american held prison in iran heads home before heading to the u.s. sarah shourd spoke publicly. pope benedict talks about the sexual problems with the catholic church. we have the latest on preparations for hurricane igor.
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our top story. sarah shourd is expected to head home to the united states sometime tomorrow before boarding a flight, she talked about her two companions. >> i want to begin by thanking his majesty, the saltan for welcoming me to this beautiful country upon my release. i want to extend my gratitude to the american ambassador and his wife for hosting my family and i during our unfortunately brief stay. i have a deep appreciation for the doctor for bringing me from th tehran. for the engagement in my life and the life of my fiance and
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dear friend for the past 13 and a half months. it would be a pleasure to return and it is my deepest, deepest hope that i would be able to show shane and josh the grand mosque soon, one of the most peaceful and powerful places of worship i have ever seen. i will always associate your country with the first breath of my freedom, the sweet smell of sandalwood and the chance to stands by the ocean listening to the waves. i thank the good hospitable people for your support and ask you to please, please extend your prayers to my fiance shane and my friend josh. they will soon be free. thank you. >> shourd was arrested last year
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with her boyfriend and their friend josh. they were all later accused of espionage. on september 9, top iran yan officials said she should be released. they reversed the announcement, then two days later announced she would be released on bail. they posted $500,000 bail and she was flown from iran to oman tuesday. now, to bps broken well in the gulf of mexico is about to be permanently sealed. once the cement is set, a final pressure test is conducted. if that's successful, the well will be declared dead. it ruptured five months ago causing the largest oil spill in u.s. history. i got an update earlier from u.s. coast guard.
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>> that's certainly good news that the well is dead. certainly, the operation lives on. we are actually 66 days since no oil was discharged from that well. we still have over 600 miles of shoreline from florida to louisiana that have been impacted and, in fact, today i have over 25,000 people out there doing very intense and high heat conditions clean up along the 600 miles. that will continue for some period of time. another concern has been, you know, where did the rest of the oil go? we have, today i have 11 research vessels that we are working very closely with noaa and the scientific and academic community doing water and setment samples and sampling close to shore. more importantly, sampling for seafood safety. this is the most tested seafood
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anywhere in the world now. most of the areas that were closed because of the spill are now reopening. >> that's the latest on the bp oil situation in the gulf of mexico. pope benedict xvi talked about the child abuse scandal that rocked the church. he met with five victims. he expressed deep sorrow to the innocent victims of the unspeakable crimes. well, this wasn't enough to persuade thousands. they gathered near hyde park. so, the role of women in the church is also a sore point for many catholics. today, catholic women are gathering in chicago for the 31st anniversary of the women's
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conference. they will screen "pink smoke over the vatican." they are women who are ordained as priests. joining us live the film's director, jules heart. first, let's get a small view of "pink smoke over the vatican." ♪ >> in another century, eem sure i would have expensed physical violence. >> we probably would have been burned at the stake centuries ago. >> jules heart, one of the film makers here. give me an idea what the message
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was. you wanted to show the ord nation of women as priests is courageous and dangerous. >> absolutely. many of these women lost their incomes. they have been tossed out of their spiritual communities, they have lost their spiritual home. many of them have been excommunicated. for them, it puts their immortal souls in danger. >> so, this has been, i guess a contentious issue for a long time. many in the catholic church said we would love to see women play a larger role in the hierarchy. we would love to see women priests. the vast majority of the catholic church is saying, no, it's not going to happen. is it your hope that your film is going to change the minds of anyone? >> i absolutely hope it changes the hearts and minds of people.
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i hope when they see this, they will see the antiquated reasons for keeping women out of the priesthood. i hope it may be the hierarchy will take a look at this and realize that women can change the church. >> okay. that is also at the core of the women's ord nation conference taking place in chicago. judge sheila, you are there attending the conference. do you feel there is a ground swell of support for the ordination of women in the catholic church that resinates beyond this conference? >> it definitely does as with people in the pew. people are ready for change. there are so many people that want to help the church in crisis. married men, women, men who used to be priests and who left. these are people who want to help god's people. we need all hands on deck at a
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time the church is in crisis. if you ask the person in the pew, they are ready for change. most of us, over 50, are used to having women in the church. they taught us how to make the first communion. they schooled us in our faith. we are used to wonderful him. >> you wrote a strong article on the opinion page. you are pleaded with the catholic church to excommunicate you. because you were at the core, and the cases pedophilia. why not leave the church instead of encouraging them to excommunicate you? >> by virtue, we are in god's people. it's impossible to leave god's people. this is my home.
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this is my spiritual home. this is my family, my community. it's hard to walk away from your family. many of us are homeful that change will come. people are ready for it. it's not enough for all of us to complain. we have to be the elements of change. when this came to me, again. i said i have to do something. it's not enough to complain. i went online and found change groups and got out my checkbook, i'm going to help. bring about change in the church. i hope others will say it's time. it's time for us to take an active stand on where we want our church today. >> yesterday, in great britain, as the pope is visiting. he shook hands with a female
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priest. yet, the view is they don't necessarily agree with women being ordained as priest. in the back of your mind, is there hope if there is a ground swell of support that it might happen during pope benedict's leadership? >> i would find it incredible if it would happen. the church doesn't seem to move quickly. not in terms of decades, but in centuries. >> if he would make the change, that would be awesome. the women would say, that's the holy spirit at work. >> sheila, what is your hope with pope benedict? >> as jules said, things move slowly. we hope it moves it hearts and minds of everybody in the
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church. we wait in joyful hope. we wait in joyful hope. we continue to listen to the holy spirit and hope we see it in our time. >> as a result of your op-ed have you heard from anyone? >> hundreds. with the catholic church and those excommunicating you. >> it was an inventive piece. i have heard from a lot of priests. it's a tough job. you are probably over 60, you are probably alone. you are overworked and under paid and exhausted. they, if you ask, they would welcome a change in the priesthood. there's out there trying to get them together. man, i have heard from lots of priests and hundreds of people
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across the country. it took me about ten days to answer that mail. these people aren't crazy. they love their church. we need to have people do that. >> thanks to both of you ladies. appreciate it. >> thank you for having us. >> we'll be joined by john allen. he'll address this very question and we'll get more detail from his point of view from his sources at the vatican as to what kind of hope there might be with the leadership of pope benedict. also, hunting for a job, finding a scam instead.
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>> okay, if you are one of the
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millions of americans searching for a job, beware of scammers. joining us is a career expert. oh, my gosh, there are lots of red flags. you are without a job, you are trying to pay your bills and make ends meet and look for a job. now, you are vulnerable to people who want to take advantage of you? >> yeah. people are desperate and trying to take advantage. >> you get online. searching for a job, checking out the social media, twitter accounts and facebook. messages are being sent to you in that form that can be wrong? >> twitter scams are saying work from home, make money in your pajamas. >> sounds enticing. >> it's just something to join a pyramid scam. it's no job, just a scam.
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>> people are relying on e-mails. they can't wait to hear from a perspective employer via e-mail. >> post your resume on and scammers access the resumes and send you an unsolicited e-mail that says go to this website and do a credit check. it's a phishing scam. if the e-mail looks fake, are there spelling errors. sometimes the logo looks fake. you need to do serious investigation if it looks safe. >> you mentioned credit report. some folks are being asked whether they could divulge their credit report information. that's got to be the red flag there. don't give up your social security number. >> a lot of big fortune 500 companies require a social
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security number to apply. >> just to apply? >> yes. >> forget that. it's too risky. >> there's a lot of security measures in place. if you are on a job sight like a craigslist or something like that and somebody is asking for a social security number of bank accounts, it's a very big red flag. >> i can't believe people would take that seriously. i guess when you are desperate and looking for a job. whatever information you need, i'm employable and i'll work. what about wiring money? if someone asks you to send money to secure a job, you have to say no. >> absolutely, you have to say no. a lot of times, the scammers make it look legitimate. they include a lot of information describing the company, where they are from and it makes it seem legitimate. a lot of times, it's a check
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processing scam. they send you a check, wire money back as your job. the check is fake. your check bounces and you end up out of the money you sent them. >> what about job hunters, head hunters, recruiters who say hey, hire me, but for a fee up front first. >> big red flag. you don't want to pay recruiters up front. we have seen this from modelling scams to agents. the twist is with federal job scams. people are claiming they have access to special listings or they can provide you with special training materials, things like that. all that information is available online free of charge from federal websites. check out is a great website. there's scams with the gulf oil spill. there are people profiting from that.
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so many things you want to look out for. >> is this taking off? this scam industry is taking off like we haven't seen before? >> people are out of jobs. mystery shoppers. fdc is putting out a warning saying this is targeted to college grads because people are out of work. be mindful and do your investigation. >> deborah, keeping it smart and safe. appreciate it. >> thank you. look at the top stories now. freed american hiker sarah shourd addressed the media before getting on a plane heading for the united states. she was one of three americans held in an iranian prison. she would held this week. they are held as suspected spies in iran. she thanked all the people who worked hard to secure her release. she hoped the other two americans would get out as well.
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bps broken oil well is about to be permanently sealed. they pumped cement into the bottom of the well. if the test is successful, the well is officially declared dead. it ruptured five months ago. toyota reached a settlement with two families involved in a fatal car crash near san diego. they were all in a lexus when their car crashed. the axccelerator was stuck by a mat. toyota did not admit liability, however. >> census numbers are out this week. millions of americans or they confirm what millions of americans know. the u.s. poverty rate is on the
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some sobering information. the nation's poverty rate soared to 14.3%. it's the highest in 15 years. poppy harlow looks at the statistics and the reasons behind the numbers. >> reporter: the report showing 44 million americans are living in poverty. it wasn't that big of a sur, but to understand what it means, you have to go far beyond the numbers and see the reality of the people living in the situation. we spent the day with ann valdez.
2:27 pm
she's been fighting to get out of poverty since she was 18 years old. here is part of our conversation with ann and her son joseph. >> poverty is serious. it's very demoralizing. it's made to feel demoralizing, hurtful. there's so much going on and there's no jobs available. no one wants to live the way we have to live. >> how do you get by every day? what do you live on? >> i live on approximately $5,000 a year. sometimes i have to skip a meal to save money so my son brian has what he needs. if it wasn't for my sister, my son would not have half of his school supplies or clothing for school. >> joseph, how has it been for you? do you feel like you grew up in poverty? >> yes. but i wasn't deprived a good childhood. it doesn't matter where you come from. if you have a good childhood, mustn't isn't an issue.
2:28 pm
>> i gave everything i can to my children. if i had to go without, it's okay as long as my children had. >> if you could have one message to send to the people watching, what would it be? >> my message would be, never judge a book by its cover. never make assumptions. come outside. meet the people in your community where you live. meet the people in the communities where you work and in the communities you represent. >> see the face ooverty. >> see the face of out of work since 2005. her unemployment ran out four years ago. she has two years of college. she still cannot find work. the most troubling part of this report is american children are struggling more than ever before. more than 15 million american children, those under the age of 18, are now living in poverty in this country. you can see a lot more of this
2:29 pm
and what the government is trying to do here on cnn money. in new york, poppy harlow reporting. >> more information, go to fitting into the present without forgetting the past. being latino in america and struggling to hold on to their heritage. we could've gone a more traditional route... ... but it wouldn't have been nearly as memorable. ♪
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unlike fish oil, megared softgels are small and easy to swallow with no fishy smell or aftertaste.
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try megared today. in the southern u.s., the hispanic population grew. in north carolina alone, it jumped nearly 55%. when bill and betty garcia moved to charlotte 16 years ago, they knew they were leaving their comfort zone. now, they fear their boys are struggling with what it means to be latino. soledad o'brien has their story. >> reporter: bill garcia was
2:33 pm
born in new york city. he's puerto rico. betty moveed from the dominican republic when she was 9. they met. their first date at the museum of modern art. they still call new york home. >> i knew that when i left new york i was leaving a latino neighborhood. i knew i was leaving home. i was a little saddened. yeah. a little saddened. >> reporter: the garcia's are part of a wave of latino's moving away from urban centers and settling in new leenlg ones like the south. when they arrived in charlotte, they felt like strangers. >> this is one of the challenges we faced here. people not even knowing about dmon can republic. >> like where is it? >> yeah, where is it on the map.
2:34 pm
>> reporter: they built a successful le in charlotte. bill made a career working for non-profit organizations. betty is a schoolteacher. their new life has come at a price. their teenage sons are more interested in fitting in than connecting with their latino roots. >> did you see these pictures? this is me at high school. >> oh, man. >> reporter: bill and betty do what they can to expose the boys to their latino heritage. today, they are trying to get brian and andrew to create a photo collage. brian has little interest. >> brian. >> reporter: no interest in attending the opening of the art exhibit. >> so, do you want to go? >> no. >> what? >> okay. i'll see you later. >> close my door.
2:35 pm
>> please. it's been a little of a struggle for me to get them into it. >> reporter: like a tug of war sometimes. >> yes. >> to learn more, watch "latino in america." the garcia's tonight. here on cnn. they are voting for their future. afghan civilians heading to the polls. they are surrounded by security. we take you there live, next.
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a look at the top stories pope benedict xvi met in london with sex abuse victims. the pope expressed his deep sorrow for the abuse scandal that rocked the roman catholic church. today is the third day of his visit to britain. toyota reach add settlement with two families after a crash that killed four family members. the victims were in a lexus sedan that crashed on a freeway near san diego last year. an investigation found the accelerator pedal probably got stuck on a floor mat that was
2:39 pm
installed incorrectly. they issued a recall to address the floor mat problems. four days after she was released, sarah shourd made her first public comments. she said she hoped her two fellow hiker friends would be released soon. iran plans to put them on trial an spy charges. the polls are closed now, but security was tight across afghanistan today. voters cast their ballots despite threats and kidnappings by the taliban. ivan watson is live from the capital of kabul now. where were the incidents and did they impact the voting at the polling stations? >> absolutely. nearly 20% of the polling stations across the country were
2:40 pm
closed because of security threats. kabul was relatively calm. but, we are counting from afghan official sources at least 12 civilians killed. descriptions of more than 100 taliban artillery attacks, roadside bombs in the north, east and west of the country. there was another big issue, that was reports of cheating and fraud at the polls in large part because last year, there was a presidential election and more than 1 million ballots thrown out believed to have been counterfeit. listen to what one voter had to say to us about his expectations for today's vote. >> translator: my expectations are not very high for this election because i know there's old parliament leaders will be elected. i'm hopeful some good people will also get elected.
2:41 pm
>> reporter: now, fredericka, more than 2500 candidates were competing for 24 seats. there was enthusiasm among the candidates. we got news from the election committee. they said more than 3.6 million votes were cast. it's 40% voter turn out. >> that's impressive. i wonder when they might be able to get through the votes, count the ballots and determine winners? >> reporter: very good question. elections in afghanistan are messy. election officials telling us they are not expecting final results until at least october 31. why? it's difficult to get the thousands of ballot boxes in on the terrible road system from mountains of the hindu, on the backs of donkeys. also, we can expect quite a bit
2:42 pm
of arguments, debates over the results themselves given the large amount of reports of fraud at the polls that i was hearing from the cants themselves. one of the big complaints, they were complaining of the ink to vote. a lot of people were saying it was washing off with water after they voted. they think people could vote repeatedly, as a result. >> thanks so much. dog owners are in a twitter with the latest way to super vise fido. we go to the edge of discovery. >> reporter: meet roscoe. thanks to his high-tech tag, he's learning a new trick, how to tweet. >> i go on twitter and see what my pup is up to. >> reporter: their tags have a motion sensor and microphone that tell when they move or
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bark. >> data is sent and determines an appropriate tweet to send. >> now, you will know when your dog is taking a nap, chasing his tail or chasing the mailman. developing it was tough. >> we spent many days trying them on, putting them on dog's collars and having them sit still. we tested little dogs up to big dogs. this helped us to tune the microphone to pick up on the broad range of volume, decibal. >> reporter: high-tech technology that might end up a chew toy. because of one word, imagination and reality have merged. because of one word, a new generation-- a fifth generation--
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of fighter aircraft has been born. because of one word, america's air dominance for the next forty years is assured. that one word... is how. i just wish that all of the important information was gathered together in one place. [ printer whirs ] done.
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all right. time for cnn equals politics. an update now. we are keeping an eye on the headlines. here is what's crossing now. sarah palin led a republican pep rally of sorts in iowa. appearing at a party fund-rai r
2:47 pm
fund-raiser, she told the crowd this was their time. she also said voters should not wait for a political play book to be handed down from the elites. she also talked about getting to delaware to support christine o'donnell. after the speech, palin talked to reporters about politics in her home state of alaska. she said lisa murkowski's plan was futile. joe miller was backed by palin and the tea party. the intrigue is on the democrats side where they are choosing a gubernatorial candidate. they are hoping to recapture the governor's mansion after eight years. republican governor linda ling l is term limited. tragedy in texas. a high school football player died last night after collapsing during football game.
2:48 pm
he was the star quarterback for west orange stark high school. he collapsed after throwing his second touchdown and was rushed to the hospital. he has a history of siezures. however, the cause of his death is being investigated. >> when he arrived about 8:30, 8:35, he wasn't pronounced until 9:40 or 9:45. his family was all there, of course. it was devastating. lots of crying. then shortly after the game ended, my parking lot completely filled with people. the waiting room was full. the parking lot was full. there was cheer leaders, band members, all the coaches were there. it was just the entire community. it's like the entire football stadium came to the hospital to check on him. we were trying our best to give them good news and comfort them. it was impossible. they were in the parking lot
2:49 pm
gathered in groups. they were singing hymns, they were praying. it was a touching scene. hundreds of people showed up in support of this young man. oh, so heart breaking. of course our hearts go out to the garrett family. in the meantime, a loud and clear message to the pope about women and priesthood. next.
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lots of crazy stuff to talk about around the water cooler this week. topping the list, i scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. this is different. a new ice cream shop opened up. they are specializing in marijuana filled ice cream. there's baa nan that mist foster and triple chocolate brownie.
2:53 pm
most customers come back for seconds, thirds and fourths. hey, why not. how about fifths. >> you eat it and you get hungry for more. doesn't it give you the munchies? i have heard about that. ice cream, $15 for a half pint for people who would rather eat their marijuana. medical marijuana. you can spoke it. it's perfectly legal in california. there. a massachusetts woman went hunting for alligators this week and bagged this giant. a 13 foot alligator weighing 1,025 pounds. mary ellen battled the reptile for two hours before reeling it in with a fishing pole. she's going to eat the meat and stuff and mount the body. >> there's nothing scarier than an alligator. how did she do that?
2:54 pm
by herself! >> i don't know how she did that. it's a beautiful animal. look, that's gorgeous. >> it weighs over a ton. >> huge, huge, huge. >> meet dexter. dexter is the cow on the right. a record holder, by the way. he's been certified as the world's shortest cow. she is 33.5 inches tall. it's seven inches taller man the world's new shortest man. what? okay. other new records include the largest collection of smurf merchandise and the largest gorilla in captivity. >> dexter is cute. >> that's funny this cow is named dexter? >> why is it funny? >> dexter.
2:55 pm
she, cow. it's no more odd than my dog, which is, you know, a girl labrador and her name is miles. okay. what am i saying. perfectly normal. go dexter. how you doing? >> i'm good. how are you? >> crazy weather in the form of a hurricane. what's it doing? >> weakening a little bit. we're talking igor. we'll start with igor. it's a category 2 storm. it's about 400 miles away from bermuda now. it's expected to be turning close toward the island chain sunday night and into monday morning. a change in strength could be expected. it could be stronger up to a 3 or weaker but no major changes are anticipated with the storm at this time. we are expecting adverse conditions are going to be
2:56 pm
moving in to bermuda early this evening. the winds will kick up and the outer bands will move in. this is also a problem for the east coast. this is, unfortunately, causing a high threat of rip currents up and down the atlantic beaches and the carolinas will be the greatest threat as it's the closest point. the forecast track, keeping it a category two as it makes land fall and moves to the right. it's like hitting a needle with a hay stack. is the eyewall going to get on shore? we don't know for sure. karl, remember karl? karl is out of there. it's dissipated. look at the cluster of thunderstorms across northern mexico and southern parts of texas. there's some potential this could turn into a storm. this is going to be a huge rainmaker for part ofs texas. we'll talk about the impact you can expect coming up next hour. >> thanks so much. >> pope benedict continues his
2:57 pm
tour of britain and he's getting unsolicited advice. they are calling on the pope to take action. should the catholic church ordain women? the question is being raised here in america as well. ♪ >> reporter: for most catholics, this is curious. women in priestly robes. >> mary is a part of that trinity. >> reporter: preaching from the alter. >> this is the lamb of god. >> reporter: consecrating the bread and wine. it's considered a serious crime by the catholic church. gloria considers herself ordained. he secretly ordained the first female bishops in 2002. >> have you ever met the secret bishop? >> no.
2:58 pm
if anyone found out who he was, he would be done. it would be a tremendous personal risk for this bishop to come out. >> reporter: according to cannon lawyers, he's been excommunicated or banned from participating in the church because he knowingly violated church law. the vatican made it clear when it restated that ordaining women as priest was a grave offense. on the same level as a pedophile. >> when you saw that, what went through your mind? >> i was horrified. i was horrified. i thought suddenly, i'm in the swimming pool with people who had been accused of sexual abuse, crimes against children. >> reporter: father joseph tolbin says though the vatican said the comparison was wrong, the ordination of women is a
2:59 pm
crime. >> the catholic church has not arrived at a point where they believe it is the will of god. i think i have to accept that. >> the first women bishops to be ordained in the united states of america. >> reporter: even the threat of excommunication isn't stopping catholic women from what they consider priesthood. tler five bishops, 47 trooess, 10 deacons and 16 candidates in the united states. all of them illegitimate in the eyes of the catholic church. >> what many people say to us is why don't you go somewhere elsewhere you're accepted. >> reporter: i was going to ask you that. why stick with catholic when they aren't supportive of you? >> it's
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